· Introduction ·

Volume One
1.Excitement in the Air
4.Jam Session
7.Festival in the Forest
2.Christmas Lights
5.Holiday Cookies
8.New Year's Eve
11.Marching Band
3.Dinner Plans
6.Sioux Loves Louis
9.Howdy Catches Cold
12.Annual Parade
15.I Got a Gal
Volume Two
16.Bear Market
19.Community Discussion
22.Forest Gathering
25.Family Reunion
17.Lost Chicks
20.The Team
23.Bottom of the Ninth
26.Morning Concert
29.The Debate
18.The Pitcher
24.Quick Layup
27.Harvest Time
30.Cutter's Limp
Volume Three
31.Hugs and Snooks Pack
34.Afternoon at the Lake
37.Scribe's Story
40.The Interview Begins
43.The Beginning
32.At the Station
35.A Struggle Occurs
38.The Hall of Fame
41.The Underground
44.The Security Issue
36.The Scolding
39.Sir Francis Gets a Call
42.Sir Mallory Hinton
45.The Olympics
Volume Four
46.Gigi Arrives From Paris
47.A Special Bag
48.Love At First Sight
Volume Five
49.The Roper Family
52.The Texas Ranger Legend (Part 1)
50.The Roper Legend
51.The Bank Heist Bandits

contact: (Stanley Bernstein)
original illustrator:  Damon Rarey
editor:  Sally Bernstein

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